Tibet tour packages

Tibet Tour Packages

Tibet is located on world's highest plateau in China southwest; on its north is Uygher. and Kekexili of Qinghai province, to its northeast is Yushu Tibetan prefecture of Qinghai province, to its east is Ganzi Tibetan prefecture of Sichuan province and to its southeast is Diqing Tibetan prefercture of Yunnan province, and on its south is India, Nepal, Buthan, and Burma; the grandest Himalayas mountain range winds from the west to the east, and turns southward at the east of Tibet. For centuries, Tibet has been the dreamland of foreign adventurers and the most welcome destination of tourism to tourists of all ages; in Tibet you have numerous choices on sightseeing, such as Potala palace, Jokhang temple, parkhor street, Ganden monastery, Samye monastery, Sakya monastery, Chupu monastery, Shigatse Tashilunpo monastery and holy mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailash, holy lakes like lake Manasarovar, lake Namtso and lake Yangdrok.

Tibet Tourist Attractions

"The Roof the World" is a great land of beauty and mystery for tourist, mountaineers and explore. When you step on the soil of the world, Climb upon the world's highest peak, put on the veautiful Tibetan dress, ride the Tibetan pony or yak " The boat of the Alpine plateau". Alpine a night in a nomad's tent, taste  a mouth full of a romantic sweet Tibetan barley beer, drink a cup of specially flavored yak - butter tea, eat some tasty mutton, sit around blazing, crackling fire, enjoy the melodius music from the "Dannijan" six - stringed lute, basking the romantic charm of a night on the high plateau grasslands and explore on foot the mysterious uninhabited, open space, the holy mountains and the sacred lakes, you will on overwhelmind and intoxicating experience which will be the most unforgettable time in your life.