Responsible Tourism

Himalayan Eco Adventures Eco Tourism Pledge   Being environment friendly, Himalayan Eco Adventures does what it takes to preserve and conserve natural resources. So every time you are with Himalayan Eco Adventures, you become a part of Eco-tourism. We have few places in the world that can simply be described as "heaven on earth". We are committed to make sure it remains so forever.   Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling -

  • Decomposable waste – Proper toilet locations are demarcated at each campsite and human waste buried in soil pits. Other decomposable matter like wastewater and food is spread on earth about 500 meters from the campsite. Leftover foods are carried back and reused for other trips or if perishable then they are donated at local food bank.
  • Non-decomposable but combustible waste – Items like packing materials consisting of cardboard boxes, paper bags and polythene bags are burnt at the campsites.
  • Non-decomposable and non-combustible waste – Wastes like aluminum foils, glass bottles and metallic cans are carried back to the city where they are either recycled, destroyed or buried in garbage dumps.
  • Stationery & Other Publicity material on Recycled Paper – We use recycled/hand made paper for our stationer and other publicity items such as brochures, etc.

Green Purchase Policy

  • We try to reduce and reuse as much waste as possible by buying in bulk, thus, reducing packaging and utilizing reusable plastic containers while purchasing and also to pack food while on trips. Himalayan Eco Advantures makes all efforts to purchase from suppliers who minimize packaging.

Policies to ensure there are minimum negative impacts on the local environment / communities in which we operate (whether from facility, operations or visitors).

  • Local guides are employed in all trips and they work hand-in-hand with other guides from outside the local area.
  • Tourists are encouraged to try local cuisine at least once in a trip, which is prepared by the local guides.
  • The guests are required to attend a pre-trip meeting where they are introduced to the culture and the environment of their place of visit. Also, certain Do’s and Don’ts regarding cultural interaction are discussed in this meeting, which is usually accompanied by a slide presentation.
  • We purchase food locally for their operations whenever possible.

Thus, Himalayan Eco Adventures helps in providing employment, directly and indirectly, for local populations, which ensures the survival of local economies and culture.  

Our guidelines with respect to wild life interaction / viewing / photography -

  • Himalayan Eco Adventures allows wild life photography and viewing as long as it does not disturb the flora and fauna; however, personal interaction with the wild life is strongly discouraged.

Other Sustainable Tourism Strategies -

  • "Pack it in, pack it out;" as per our garbage disposal policy discussed above.
  • We try to clean up the mess left by other groups.
  • Preference is given to purchase of long-lasting equipment and which can be repaired easily.
  • We strongly discourage graffiti and believe in the quote - "Leave only footprints. Take only photographs".
  • We uses fire responsibly. In fact, we try to avoid lighting a fire wherever and whenever possible, or else we try to keep the fire very small, in case we do light one.
  • We shut off vehicle engines while waiting.
  • Himalayan Eco Adventures is completely against using disposable utensils on trips as they are extremely harmful to the environment and it is impossible to dispose those utensils in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Every guest is encouraged to carry a water bottle, which they are supposed to use during the trip. This reduces wastage of water and ensures hygiene. Also, escorts carry excess purified water in case someone runs out of drinking water.