Trip Grade

 Trekking Grade

Our trekking holidays have been graded leisurely, moderate, demanding or strenuous depending on their difficulty. Trekking can be a very personal experience - one man's stroll can be another's expedition. It is important that you choose the correct grade for your capabilities so please read the detailed trip notes to check if the tour is right for you.  If you have any concerns please do discuss this with our knowledgeable sales team who are trekking experts. 
Leisurely: 1
This is the 'easiest' of our trekking adventures.  A moderate level of fitness is required and a flexible, open-minded approach is essential.  You may be hiking up to 4-5 hours a day.
You are likely to cover between 8 and 12 kilometres per day, over steep, hilly terrain, on usually well-defined trails.  You will probably be walking for up to 6 hours per day with plenty of ascents and descents.  Treks will often involve multi-day walking for up to 2 weeks and altitudes may exceed 3000 metres. 
Demanding: 3
We will be crossing high passes, glaciers, and making steep ascents and descents, so you will need to have a good level of fitness, and preferably some previous altitudinal experience. The trails may be awkward at times, and we may remain at high altitudes for long periods. It will be cold at night, and the trip may involve long days of walking.
Strenuous: 4
Physical preparation is essential as you may be walking for 7 -9 hours per day or longer for up to 2 weeks.  You are likely to cover between 10 and 15 kilometres each day with tough ascents and descents, at times on minor trails.  Altitudes will often exceed 4000 -5000metres with some days spent trekking above 5000 metres.
Please note that the grading system is not a straightforward measure of how far you are walking. Rather it is an overall indication of how tough it will be and it takes into account the number of hours trekking, altitude gain/ loss and trail conditions (rough track, steep
uphill etc.) and usual temperatures. So even though a trek is graded Leisurely it does not mean you will never feel tired! Similarly, inexperienced trekkers need not necessarily avoid treks graded Strenuous.
Cycling Grade
 Mostly flat terrain with some sloping hills possible. Paved village and countryside roads in general, some short sessions of gravel roads. Average daily distances 20-30 (24 miles), maximum altitude difference 200 m (700ft). This trip can be enjoyed with reasonable fitness level and little biking experience.
 Frequent sloping hills, and possibly steeper hills. Paved village and countryside roads, sometimes also gravel roads. Average daily distances 40-60 km (42 miles), maximum altitude difference 700 m (2300ft). This level is for people with regular seasonal biking experience and reasonable biking fitness.
 Hilly terrain with some very steep hills. Besides paved village and countryside roads, frequent gravel roads and cart-tracks. Also single track possible. Average daily distances above 70 km (42 miles), average altitude difference 700m (2300ft) and more. This level of cycling is for enthusiast bikers with good fitness level and regular biking frequency.
That none of the cycling is extreme and you do not need professional skills to enjoy our trips. Our guides have the coaching and repair skills to get you trough your experience. If you have some questions or doubts about your physical condition or adequate cycling skills do not hesitate to send us a mail.