Home Stay in Ladakh

Home Stay Ladakh

When you take accommodation in a Ladakh home stay, you will be getting a refreshing experience of Ladakh that cannot be found in any hotel. You can enjoy the very essence of Ladakh, its people and its hospitality by booking accommodation at lovely Ladakh homes or Ladakhi homestay.

A ladakhi homestay will enable you to experience firsthand the environment that is present in remote Ladakhi villages. Have fun trekking through which you can explore the natural habitat of the endangered snow leopard and enjoy the rustic beauty of village surrounding by booking accommodation here.  Ladakhi homestay accommodation, serves as an income for local communities from tourism. This additional income serves many purposes, the main purpose being that it helps to protect local culture and heritage.

The environment in a leh homestays is neat, with spacious rooms that are decorated in the typical Ladakh style. You will be served traditional Ladakh meals that are hygienically cooked in the kitchens. You can experience the use of various eco-friendly methods such as spring water that’s boiled for drinking, use of solar lamps, and much more. You can make a tour f the local villages through local nature guides.

What is the objective of homestays in ladakh?

Here is a look at the key purposes achieved by using a ladakh home stay accommodation:

  • It creates an income for rural households through which their financial problems reduce and poverty issues are minimised.
  • It encourage women to join tourism by which they gain some extra income
  • It encourages local culture and tradition b through traditional accommodation and its related services such as nature tour guides, wildlife tour guide, outdoor adventure guides and much more.
  • It bring the benefit of income from tourism to a large number of families than just a couple of people.
  • As income is generated in the village it prevent villagers from migrating to the city
  • It encourages young people to get involved in rural activities

When you opt forhomestays in Ladakh, you will be surrounded by a verytraditional environment. However,homestays in Ladakh are very comfortable and warm.  Here is a look at the facilities offered at the Ladakh home stay:

  • You can get lovely rooms that are traditionally decorated and which have energy savings facilities such as solar lights or candles for lighting
  • You will be provided with wonderful, aromatic, traditional laldkahi food that is cooked hygienically
  • Water that is available for drinking and bathrooms is clear spring water
  • The toilet is a dry-composting type
  • You will be taken around the village by local tour guides who best know the place and its surroundings
  •  You can go trekking in the habitats of the snow leopard accompanied by an experienced guide.

Things to do Ladakh home stay:

  • Trekking around village surroundings and snow leopard habitat
  • Learn how to cook with the homestay host
  • Learning local farming practises
  • Involving yourself in local cultural activities
  • Joining teaching classes at the local school
  • Learning to ride the Ladakh Yak