River Rafting in Ladakh

river rafting ladakh

About Ladakh River Rafting Adventures

River rafting is some that is to be enjoyed when you make a visit here because it is what Ladakh is very famous for and also an outdoor adventure that attracts a lot of people to this place. Tourists coming from abroad, head to the Zanaskar River to indulge in Ladakh River Rafting adventures. This river is famous all over the world for its river rafting opportunity and it is amongst the world’s top ten rivers for river rafting. Its majestic currents have earned it the title ‘Grand Canyon of Asia’.

There are four major rivers that provide river rafting adventure in Ladakh which are the Indus, Zanaskar and the Shayok. In addition to this, there is the Suru river in Kargil, which offers good opportunities fr Kayaking.  These rivers offers four different levels of river rafting difficulty and it is certified according to standards set by the Indian Rafting Federation.

Specialists in the field of Ladakh River Rafting state that in the past the number of people who came to enjoy this sport was minimal, but now it is seeing a steady increase. Even a decade back the number of tourists per year was only between 500 and 600, but now it is around 3000, which shows the popularity of river rafting in ladakh during season. Also, to ensure safety of tourists the local agencies are arranging a refresher course for guides on the topic of safety practises for Ladakh River Rafting, which is officially called as the Rescue Three and First Aid.

Earlier, people involved themselves in Ladakh River Rafting only during the months of July and August. However, in recent years, the scenario has changed and the number of people from inside the country has increased particularly between the months of June and September.

River rafting in ladakhhas now become very popular with the local people and almost 60 percent of the people indulging in rafting are locals. The most popular places where they go river rafting in ladakh  is the 9-km-long stretch from Tsogsti to Nimoo on the Zanaskar and 28-km-long stretch from Phey to Nimoo.  When compared to the Zankar, it is the Indus River that people really want to go rafting because it is pretty chilly and it has huge waves that can give a one-of-a-kind experience. This iw what constitutes the leh ladakh river rafting adventure experience.