About Us

Himalayan Eco Adventures offers ecologically and culturally sensitive tours of the Himalayan region, catering to adventure oriented travelers who are looking for an alternative way and searching for a place off the beaten track. 

With each journey, the opportunity for true friendship, enjoyment of natural beauty and exhilaration of the body, mind and soul are yours.

Himalayan Eco Adventures is a new kind of travel company committed to joining together with you as environmental caretakers. Our goal is the endeavor of a land and cultural stewardship ethic of “leave no trace tourism”.

We are experts in providing safe, exciting and enlightening tours that include adventure, cultural appreciation, nature, meditation, yoga,  and filming tours throughout India and Ladakh. We tailor our tours to people of all ages, including students and children. Through Himalayan Eco Adventures, tours can also be arranged to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan.

Himalayan Eco Adventures invites the ecologically-conscious traveler to experience the world of nature, to help create a sustainable model for eco-tourism and adventures, and to support wild land that have been preserved, and help preserve those that are still in danger